The fabrication of Magnum Ice Creams for a Magnum commercial.

A total of 30 ice creams were fabricated in different states and sizes and in milk and dark chocolate. 14 Ice creams were used for a fan rig in order to "fan" out from a centre position. As the ice creams were used in combination with exploding liquids and powders, the rig was designed in such a way as to allow the ice creams to be swapped out.  A rotating rig was also fabricated for ice cream to rotate in shot. All the movement was enabled through specifically made ice cream sticks for each model. 2 Oversized models were fabricated in addition for close-ups on the bite and the Magnum stamp. A double walled model with a bite and caramel oozing from the wall was also fabricated. A cavity in the bite was left to be filled with real ice cream on set. The fabrication of 3 chocolate ice cream and 3 vanilla ice cream "blanks" were also fabricated for a shot where they are dropped into chocolate.